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September 10, 2006


Marcel Marchon

Actually, you forgot to mention that Amazon also offers movies for rent - you download it and you can watch it during a 24 hour window. We tried that last week and watched a rather enjoyable movie for $2.99. Going to the Video Store IS a major hassle for us - since we usually want to watch movies at 11pm on short notice and we don't have one across the street - it takes rather longer than 10 minutes. Yes, the DRM stuff is annoying, but for rentals, I think that's ok, since you probably only watch it once anyway. The quality was actually pretty good we thought - but then, these days we watch movies on our 17'' flat screens attached to our computers - we don't really have a TV ... For that setting, the quality was quite acceptable.


whats your source for amazon having a few thousand vids available and comcast just a few dozens? as far i know comcast has 800+ movies available at onDemand..? is there any difference in comcasts or amazons movie content sourcing capabilities/processes?


hm, seems that this thread is dead. bad luck, would have appreciated your view on this...

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