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November 20, 2006




Great and very concise post with good points.

The most i liked is about the functional perfection that most companies "project" in their products. I think many of the features in IT/ITES / Telecommunications products that companies develop are loaded with features that are not of any use to many consumers. MS Office, Cell phones are great examples. I have heard many people whom i know say that in their careers till this moment, they must have used 20% of the product's features 95% of the time. Their usage patterns, needs are such that they need not require the additional features...they need not pay for these as well...and i think this is a sort of rip-off that most consumers have no control...

OFcourse, there are going to be exceptions when you need that exceptional, additional product feature but i don't think it is good on behalf of companies to charge the consumer for all the time he does not use those features..there's ought to be a way...and i think "consumerization", "SaaS (Software as a service) are allowing consumers to draw even better value...i think businesses need to re-orient themselves and provide customers with great value.

On a different note, i wanted to make contact with you and seek some advice. I'm an applicant for the SLOAN FELLOWS program at MIT THIS YEAR.

Could you please send me an e-mail so i can benefit from your application experience ?

Thanks in advance

Jordan 1

Allow the vibrations of the light earth dream to dissolve ties of attachment to others in your life dance.

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