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July 18, 2007



Great graphics!

a CEO of a SaaS company. :)

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My suspicion is that, if we invested more in such clever translation (adaptation, cohabitation, whatever) we'd be better off and better adapted to diversity and non-comformity.

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This is a very clear explanation, graphics are nicely done. I highly recommend thid blog to other readers.

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Shandy Diaz

Very detailed Graphs you have in here. I appreciate your post!

Stewart Smith

I don't normally follow what graph and what is all about, I really don't like them much. Well in this post the graph and explanation is so perfect.


I just saw the first created computer of Apple they look weird but look at them now. They grow faster that no one can ever think.


Company is gaining so much with the software and servers, this is one of many ways to provide better service to the people.

Allen Smith

It is so great to see that the graph is very organize and the facts are very detailed. This is really easy to understand and the details are readable.

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